• Korea ON-line E-Procurement System Fair,
  • Participated in the 55th Library Competition
  • Acquisition of G-Pass mark
  • Procurement superior product
  • Good Design Certification
  • inno biz Certification
  • Book shelf(front panel : steel, glass) procurement registration
  • Participated in expo exhibition of Korea ON-line E-Procurement System.
  • Participated in Dubai exhibition.
  • Participated in Vietnam exhibition.
  • G-Fair KOREA exhibition
  • Designated as a superior product by Public Procurement Service, K, Q mark, environmental mark certification obtained
  • Exports to Dubai and Oman ($ 60 million)
  • Exports to Dubai and Oman ($ 60 million)
  • Selected as Export Support Business by Small and Medium Business Administration ($ 42 million export)
  • Visited the Korea ON-line E-Procurement System Expo of the Public Procurement Service / Moved head office and factory to Umseong
    Completion of automatic powder coating facility and far infrared ray enamel facility
  • Designated as a superior product by Public Procurement Service
  • Acquired Q mark certificate, acquired environmental mark
  • GD Excellent Design Award
  • Acquisition of K mark certification
  • Registered Multiple Award Schedule(MAS) by the Public Procurement Service
  • Selected as a promising small business
  • Participated in COEX exhibition for excellent government procurement products, Acquired INO-BIZ certification
  • Acquired ISO 9001/2000 certification and exported Mobil rack to Libya
  • Incorporation of going business (capital 400 million) and transferred head office and factory to Icheon city
  • Mobile rack exported to Russia
  • Daewon Mobile-Rack established